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March 2020

Still here! Just changed hosting of the site.

The 'meat' of the PerlGP code is now on github. You have to roll your own genetic algorithm around it, but that's probably a good thing?

Please have a look here: PerlGP-Lite

January 2012

After some short (and avoidable, sorry!) downtime, we're back up. PerlGP is still going strong, although it never got the big rewrite that it needed. Its day job is currently evolving music.

Wednesday 31 October 2007

This site is still maintained! I just made a rare update to PerlGP (now 1.0.2) to add a new demo which implements a classifier with 10-fold cross-validation. You need to install PDL to get it to work.

In the meantime, several papers have been published using PerlGP, and one exciting bioinformatics project is in the works.

Wednesday 29 October 2003 - Still here!

No news is good news in this case. If you have had any successes or failures with PerlGP, please let me know about it!

Monday 3 February 2003 - Initial release

A limited initial public release of version 1.0.0 to friends and colleagues. A better publicised release will come shortly, as soon as we know there are no major errors in the installation or documentation.

Thursday 9 January 2003 - Paper in press

A final camera-ready version of EuroGP 2003 poster/paper, entitled "Introducing a Perl Genetic Programming System -- and Can Meta-evolution Solve the Bloat Problem?", has been sent to the editors. A preprint is now available from Bob's homepage.

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