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Do you want to do strongly typed Genetic Programming in a high level language? If so, maybe PerlGP is for you! Listed below are a few of the features of the current system.

  • Strongly typed, grammar driven, tree-based GP
  • Object oriented design for easy customisation
  • Fully comprehensive programmer's manual
  • Biologically inspired tournament selection (or implement your own flavour of GA)
  • Biologically inspired mutation and crossover
    • per node crossover and mutation rates (multiple crossovers and mutations possible)
    • "advanced" macro mutation operators
    • "homologous" and same-size crossover
  • No need to implement or provide wrappers for functions that already exist in Perl or its many libraries (evolved code is run with eval()).
  • You can evolve object oriented code
  • Just think what you could do with Perl's string manipulation...
  • Meta-evolution (evolving the mechanisms of evolution) easy to implement
  • GPL licence allows you to use/modify the code as you like
  • Open source status will help the project grow and adapt (please contribute!)

Of course it runs slower than most other systems (for example it is about 10 times slower than lilgp), but development times should be shorter. You can make use of C-coded extensions, like PDL, for serious number crunching.

PerlGP is currently supported on Unix-like systems, but soon hopefully on other systems with Perl too. Download now and run one of the demos today!

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