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This is the script for plotting the tournament log file (explained in Table 1 in Section 3.1.9). It uses gnuplot, so you will need to install this if you don't have it and want to use this (simple to adapt) script.


The main options are:

-refresh S
- sleep for S seconds and then replot
-geometry GEOM
- X11 geometry specification for window (e.g. -geometry 400x300-0+0)
- show the number of hours elapsed since the start of the run on the x-axis
-logs AXIS
- use a logarithmic scale on AXIS (x, y, x2, y2)
-yrange 'RANGE'
- fix the y-axis range, (-yrange '[0:100]')
-xrange, -y2range
- see -yrange, the program size and complexity values are plotted against the y2 axis

Bob MacCallum 2003-02-03